Recent work

arXiv:1507.01005 (Green et al.)

astro-ph/9710327 (Schlegel, Finkbeiner, Davis)






Dust affects galaxy selection uniformity, photometry, and photometric redshift estimation.  LSST WL science may significantly benefit from detailed understanding of the distribution, character, and uncertainties in galactic extinction.  Understanding Milky Way dust is a leading systematic issue for the Dark Energy Survey.

Recent Work:

A Three-Dimensional Map of Milky Way Dust, Green, Schlafly, Finkbeiner et al. (arXiv:1507.01005)

Maps of Dust IR Emission for Use in Estimation of Reddening and CMBR Foregrounds, Schlegel, Finkbeiner, Davis  (astro-ph/9710327). Anonymous recommendation: Since this is a long paper, focus on Sec.1 - Introduction, Sec. 5 - Using the maps to measure galactic reddening, Appendix B - Extinction in Different Bandpasses.

A good review: