Recent work

arXiv:1312.2313 (Stubbs)

arXiv:1411.5667 (Tyson et al.)

arXiv:1507.02683 (Bradshaw et al.)


Detailed understanding of photoelectric conversion and subsequent charge transport is required to accurately map the locations of collected electrons back into the on-sky origins of photons, and to correctly interpret the PSFs measured from stars and applied to  galaxies.  From lab investigations a physics-based model of the device can inform the corrections needed in data processing.  What are the impacts of the residual systematics? What observing strategies minimize these?

Recent Work:

Precision Astronomy with Imperfect Fully Depleted CCDs -- An Introduction and a Suggested Lexicon, Stubbs (arXiv:1312.2313)

LSST optical beam simulator, Tyson et al. (arXiv:1411.5667)

Mapping charge transport effects in thick CCDs with a dithered array of 40,000 stars, Bradshaw et al. (arXiv:1507.02683)